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Welcome to Grenadine Glamour. There’s no lack of news stories about whose visiting Mustique from one month to the next. Deliciously Ella married here, Beyonce loves the island, Prince William, Harry and Kate all spend precious time away from the crowds here in the Grenadines, on the edge of the world. But there’s something more than a material glamour we are talking about here. The faint touch of laissez-faire, an easy air, natural beauty – it’s an unimaginable paradise really. You actually sit and gaze, seriously rubbing your eyes to check you’re not are sitting in front of a highly stylised screensaver. I’ve done exactly that at the Tobago Cays. If there was a grading for glamour in the natural world as there is for the human stage, the Grenadines would definitely win the most glamorous destination badge.


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